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Things You Are Supposed To Do For Your Children To Drink Lots Of Water

The human body cannot do without water, so we need to take water every time. Water covers the widest part of one’s body for it to work well. Water has a lot of benefits to all the living things. Many of us do not like drinking water because of reason or the other. The children lose a lot of water easily in their bodies because they play a lot hence using a lot of energy. They need water in their bodies because of the energy loss and too much water used in the bodies. Parents need to give too much water to their children. Children take less water than required of them. There are things parents need to do for their children to drink too much water. most of the parents ignore these ways hence end up forcing their children with water.

Be an image to your kids so they take from you. Many children do what their parents do. The children many times want to be an image of their parents. For you as a parent, you need to drink a lot of water especially when they are seeing you. When you do this before them, they will be encouraged to also do the same since they see you do it. You will not have to use force to make them take too much because you already are an example to them.

Make the water sweet and without odor for the children. Children have different characters. It is possible for a child not to drink water because of its taste. You should not make your child drink water if he or she doesn’t want to. You make the water tasty through adding some sweet flavors making it tasty. You need to put flavor to make the bad odor go and make it sweet.

You need to make in interesting to drink water. Give them different water bottles that are not the same in color. Children love using straws when drinking juice, soft drinks, you can make them drink water through the straws, and you will be enjoying drinking water every time. You will have solved the problem of following them around with a glass of water to make them drink.

The other thing is that you should make it like you are playing. Children are playful especially when water is involved. Make them feel like you are together with them in their game. This will motivate them that will not even realize that they have taken too much of it. The children will make you play with them before they take water. You will find that they will love water at a rate that you would never expect.