What are Laser Cutting Machines and Why are They So Important to Success?

Laser cutting, what is it? Laser cutting is a technique using a laser to draw matter with a large amount of energy arranged on a small surface. The laser is then “fired”.

CO2 source boss laser cutters are the most used because they can be used with additional materials and at a higher speed than other lasers. Laser cutting involves placing a beam of light on the surface of a material so that the concentration of energy allows for the evaporation of the material. The laser can be worked with wood, plexiglass, steel, aluminum, and many other materials.

Flexible and safe cuts

A laser cutting device is often easily adjusted for all types of applications and is suitable for all materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc.). Regardless of the weight and material that is chosen, these machines are designed to cut through almost anything. In the field of laser cutting, the material is not manipulated by the user.

The user is never in direct contact with these machines, which means they stay at a safe distance.

Principle of laser cutting

The concentration of a laser beam makes it possible to emit an enormous amount of heat until the material is “vaporized”. These lasers usually have a power equivalent to 4000 watts and this power is calculated according to the material and the size of the area to be cut. The cutting is carried out effortlessly on the materials and the area affected thermally is usually low, so there is little deformation.

In any case, it is necessary to use a gas such as argon or nitrogen in the cutting zone in order to increase the efficiency of each cut. The cutting is done on various materials, but silver and copper are less easy to sculpt because they reflect light.

Why laser cutting?

Laser cutting has become famous in the industrial field since the early 80s. This process is now used by many industries around the world. Laser cutting machines will provide businesses with the possibility of cutting materials precisely and effortlessly. Several advantages like its speed, precision, and the absence of material deformation, makes this a sound financial choice.