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Importance of Sitemap Creation Before Web Designing

It is challenging and daunting designing a new website, and this is even more complicated if there is a large volume of data that need to be incorporated and organized. A sitemap is an effective and efficent planning tool , most especially for non-designers, that can help in organizing and clarifying the content that needs to be put on your site. Remember that every website has a goal or a purpose, and it is essential that this is clearly shown or reflected on your website. A sitemap offers a focus, structure, user-friendly navigation, and presents good user experiences. Your visitors will surely appreciate the big help that a sitemap can do for them to be able to search information easily and get to the right web page they want to go.

A sitemap is an excellent tool for you to clarify your website’s goals before you even start designing your website or creating your web contents. With a sitemap on hand, you can decide the relevant information that should be included in your website, possibly cutting parts that are not directly tied to your purpose, and it ensures that your goals are reinforced. Having a sitemap avoids duplicate web contents, so you are able to save time, effort, and money. You may not realize you’re actually duplicating a web content if you don’t have a sitemap because you end up just creating web pages as you need them without monitoring what’s already been added. Don’t allow similar or duplicate contents to existing on your website because search engines like Google may arbitrarily choose what it seems to be the most important between the two web pages, and it may end up selecting to index a similar web page that does not convert, and ignore a web page that is designed to convert. In order to have a more streamlined conversion funnel, you need a sitemap to eliminate unnecessary steps, for your visitor to be easily converted to leads and sales.

A sitemap ensures that your web designer, project manager, developer, and content creators are on the same page. It is crucial to keep your website in a central location so everyone can easily access it, most especially your visitors, and it should change as you progress with the project. A sitemap ensures that everybody is aligned with your website goals, as well as your company’s core values, principles, vision, and mission statement for a more successful website. You can achieve a functional and well-designed sitemap with the help of Slickplan, so you can achieve the goals of your website in the soonest time possible. Check Slickplan by visiting their homepage or website today!

Understanding Sites

Understanding Sites