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How Roger Stone’s Career In Politics Has Influenced American Leadership

Roger Stone is an American Lobbyist political consultant and strategist. He is 65 years of age. He is an experienced political analyst and has assisted many clients. The belongs to the Republican side of political affiliation. The people he has assisted in the process have become victors. One of the people he has worked with is Donald Trump.

The political strategist career for Roger Stone has been revolutionary. He has been practicing is political advice career for many decades, and he understands who politics in America are run. His actions have helped him in making some of the best choices. His focus on political heats and trends in the county makes him the best person to seek some advice from. With the challenges and controversies he has managed to masquerade and merge as one of the most trusted and wise political advisors. He has been consulted by many governors and senators in the states.

Roger Stone was one of the top advisors to Donald Trump in the previous elections. He is a Republican supporter and gave all his efforts in ensuring that he campaigned for Donald Trump. Despite being a top advisor he was fired from the Trumps team by some of the elected officials. He however continued his support and campaign for Trump. Even after leaving the campaign team he kept talking about how Trump would be victors when the electors were held. It was very possible for Trump to win in the upcoming polls according to his research.

Another major controversy where Roger Stone was mentioned as having played a role in the elections results in the 2016 presidential elections in the US. Hillary Clintons adviser committee came up with his name after some investigations that showed he had some contact with people in Russia. The Russian are said to have caused tampering with serves and the results which were released by the system.

One of his traits is being outspoken and firmly believing and supporting what is right. He has been on many political debates and TV debates where he has debated other political analyst and strategies. By listening to him, he is very wise and also visionary. He continues to support what he thinks in and hopes that there will be better leadership and democracy. He has also written some political books which talk about power and the opposition. He is one of the best authors who you can hire for better learning. if you are an aspiring politician, he is a person you will need to talk to and get the best advise possible.

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