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Nurse Case Managers: A Guide

You will receive your compensation by making the necessary measures that will help ensure in making your medical claims. Don’t hesitate to consult where necessary because they are legal procedures that you cannot be able to comprehend or interpreted as an individual. This work is made easier when a company employs are nurse case manager who will help in ensuring the working for the worker’s compensation insurance.

The the injured worker should best understand his limits and what is rightly his, that will help him to identify all the necessary actions he should undertake hen making the medical claims. Because the majority of the nurse case managers are professional nurses and also registered nurses, they may, therefore, take the initiative to ensure that on behalf of the injured workers, they attend to the doctor’s medical appointment.

The responsibility of the nurse case manager is to ensure the welfare of the injured patient and also ensures that the patient gets the medical attention that he deserves. The nurse case manager should be very accountable and provide documents on the visits attended and provide information to the insurance adjuster on the treatment accorded to the patient.

The the injured patient should also be in a position to understand the impact that the nurse case manager brings forth when making a compensation claim.

The nurse case manager should exhibit the best communication skills in all matters. He is liable to providing the most credible and important information about the welfare of the injured worker.

The nurse case manager should be very attentive and help in ensuring that appropriate medical care is offered to the patient. If at all the appropriate care is not given by the responsible doctor, then he or she should be in a position to raise concerns. They should also understand their limits and not to advocate for a patient when making negotiations.

By achieving this, the nurse case manager should be able to identify the medical services needed and also the arrangement of those services to be provided by the physician. Because they have experience on occupational health, medical management and discharge planning, they are in a position to facilitate the employee’s recovery and return to work.

Ensure that your legal obligations are perfectly met by the nurse case manager before any procedure is started. You should be allowed to attend the meeting held by your nurse case manager, the insurance company representative and your employer so that you can ensure credibility during the negotiation for your medical compensation.

Some of your right when making the claim for compensation may be violated by either the insurance company or your employer, you should, therefore, be on the watch. If you are not well conversant with the legal procedures because they are quite confusing, hire the workers compensation attorney to help guide you through the process.

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