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These Things Are Likely to Happen on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the happiest days of your life,but all the details involved might end up stressing you up There are so many arrangements to make:the bridal gown has to be bought or rented,the venue has to be decided on and the necessary plans made,guests have to be invited,transportation for the bridal party and the guests has to be taken care of and so on-all this can be daunting.

There are things that can go wrong and this can throw a spanner in the works when you least expect it.

The first thing you and your loved one need to agree on is the budget for your wedding. Decide on how much money you want to spend for the wedding ceremony and then allocate the available funds to the different aspects of the process such as transportation,photography,wedding gown,venue fees and so on.

One of the greatest mistakes you are likely to make at this point is budgeting for money you don’t have all in the spirit of having a memorable wedding.

If you are not careful,you may spend too much on the wedding gown.

There will always be that person who will drag their feet on the most special day of your life and because they are supposed to be playing a certain role in the ceremony,they may get you feeling a little peeved. The thing to do is to let this roll of your back and focus on what is important-enjoying your day. Most of the time,your experienced wedding planner has allowed for such scenarios in the time line.

What about people who commit to attend leading you to make the necessary arrangements for them such as seats and meals and then fail to show up?Annoying,isn’t it? Understand that some people just won’t attend and try to remember that this is normal;don’t feel personally offended.

Have you ever noted how things have a way of getting lost or misplaced when you need them most?well,this happens on the wedding day,even though it is temporarily. The trick is to hand over all important things to your wedding planner.

Cars break down when they just shouldn’t! This is the reason you want to work with a reliable car rental company that has spare cars that can immediately be fetched to take care of such a mishap.

The minister may call you by a wrong name or proceed to have you repeat the usual vows when you and your loved one had come up with your own. This is something you should simply ignore,you could always read your vows when you get home,after all they were meant for the two of you.

These are not the only things that could go wrong on your big day but knowing that mishaps can happen keeps you on your toes.